Since opening our C-41 color negative processing department last summer, Dickerman Prints has been developing and scanning film for SF Camerawork’s First Exposures program. The weekly photography class for underserved youth aged 11-18 has been a staple of the San Francisco photographic community for years and we’re proud to be part of the team.

The above sun flare photographs featured on this page were shot by 17 year old Mariana Castro in the East Bay. A member of the First Exposures program for four years, Mariana enjoys expressing her creative side through photography. “The camera I shot these with was my small pink 35mm camera that is able to take dynamic wide angle shots. I absolutely adore it and have been using it ever since I first got it,” according to Mariana.

Below, 15 year old Blanca Reyes uses a point and shoot camera to capture a an alley in downtown San Francisco as well as some beautiful flowers during a First Exposures field trip to Pie Ranch on April 23, 2011. Blanca is one of the program’s newest members, having just  moved to the City from Honduras. Bienvenidos!