Dear Friends,

After 10 years on Howard Street, Dickerman Prints is once again on the move! Our new home is in a considerably more peaceful location near Mission Dolores Park.

Much of our service will remain as it has always been, though there will be a few notable changes.

Our long-loved Polielettronica Laserlab (the Polie) will not be moving with us.

That amazing machine is 17 years old now (that’s 89 in printer-years) and is ready for a well-deserved retirement. We have always loved our type ‘C’ prints, and we will be sorry to see them go!

The good news is that we love our archival pigment prints as well (even more, actually), and will be providing the same Print on Demand and DIY services that you are accustomed to, on our archival pigment printers. This service will now have the advantage of having a wide range of beautiful archival papers for you to choose from.

More details will follow regarding the transition from type ‘c’ printing to archival pigment.

We will offer papers that render prints that look like our current ‘c’ prints, or like traditional fiber-based B&W prints. We will also offer a variety of more matte-surfaced fine art papers, with varying degrees of texture and “tooth”, with both natural and bright options.

The Polie will retire on December 23, 2022.

If you want to stock up on c-prints please do your printing before then!


We will still process and scan film … but …

We will still process and scan your film, but the actual processing will be done by Underdog Film Lab in Oakland. These film-loving industry veterans use Refrema dip-and-dunk machines, which are the gold standard in processors. You can still drop your film with us, and when the film is returned to us, we can scan it, proof it, or print it as you wish.


Thank you, Gabriel!

The final, and most deeply felt change is that the one and only Gabriel Aguilar will not be making the move. Garnell and I will do our best to fill his shoes, but he will be greatly missed! We are tremendously grateful for his 12 years at Dickerman Prints and wish him the very best.


We will continue to provide the highest level of service and quality, as we have since 1996.

We love making our customers’ work look its very best, and look forward to serving you in our new location for years to come.


Moving Sale Info

We will be having a sale in late December of whatever furniture, gear, and supplies that we will not be moving.

Seth’s photographs that are hung at the lab at present will be available as well, at Moving Sale prices.