Mounting & Framing

Elegant options for hanging your art on the wall.

Photograph by Garnell Boyd

We partner with the City’s finest framing and mounting professionals to provide every style of hanging option.

From traditional framing to canvas wraps, mounting, back frames, and even aluminum, there are myriad ways to hang your flat art originals.

Whether you know what you want or need some help finding the perfect solution, we’re here to help guide you through the process. Reach out today and learn more.

“This place is great for those who know little about photography (like me) and for those far more skilled.

Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.”

~ Michelle K.

Professional Framing Services

Need something simple yet elegant? We have wooden black and white frames available at the lab in many standard sizes. Matting is available as well.

  • 8×8 — $50
  • 10×10 — $88
  • 11×14 — $99

Need a custom solution? We partner with Michael Thompson Framing to offer every possible style of frame and matte. Reach out to discuss your project and get a free quote.

Let’s chat about your project

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Mounting and Laminating Services

From Gatorfoam to sintra, dibond, and even aluminum, we can mount to a variety of sleek-looking substrates, and laminate on both sides of your prints.

Turnaround time is approximately two weeks. Rush orders can be usually be accommodated for an additional 35% surcharge.

Please note that mounted prints lose approximately 1/8″ on all sides during the mounting process. If your print needs to be of an exact size, please size your image 1/4″ larger overall to compensate.

Our favorite
mounting substrates


Similar to foam-core, it is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer. More info.


A lightweight and rigid PVC foam board with a high resistance to moisture and many chemicals as well as a smooth solid face. More info.


Thin and sturdy, mounting on aluminum provides far more reliable results than printing on it.


The industry’s leading aluminum composite material for more than 15 years. It is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of .012″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. More info.


Acid Free Foam Core293335444852555768818996100106106135152178203~
Gatorfoam 3/16”293336495864687792112128137148153153189214237260400
Gatorfoam 1/2”3336425666688087111130146161172176176217256285309468
4-ply Museum Board333742495962717598117126141142151151173210223255~
MDF 1/4”4449525968698285106123141155168201201231257287312~
Sintra 3 mm2943485967778689114134147165180198198211226264301378
Sintra 6 mm364650637890103106143165185208227240240260277322366462
Plex 1/8”4353818997114128135168196200246248295295333374436498650
Plex 1/8” Non-Glare45568391105115133141174205210255257308308346389454506~
Plex 1/4”53688999112123129138182216238269295350350403462538620787
Aluminum 1/16”68707292114139168174232257300337369441441479532610695876
DiBond 2 mm65667092114145166182260300330370420475475540590666798~
DiBond 3 mm6970761001251541851932833303664114485385385836447528591097
U/V Lamination1932404958626568738295101112122122130144169195244
Lexan 5mil384044506569768293112120139148176176196225259295370
Recessed Back Frame43536468727983858699101108109113113130156180209265
Flush Box Frame135135166186199224244254270303312330330341341349384424462~
Flush Reveal Frame142142174196208236255265282327343347360383383400432448512~

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Our lab is open – workstations and all – with COVID prevention measures in place. In addition to wearing face coverings, our staff will be regularly sanitizing all computers, tables, and surfaces. Hope to see you soon!

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