Our clients have a discerning eye when it comes to perfect prints. If you’re one of the many photographers and hobbyists who utilize our Print on Demand service, this discount was created with you in mind.

For those unfamiliar, Print on Demand allows photographers to make digital “C” prints- without the need for print technicians. We love our staff, and we chose them for their incredible abilities, but there are times when we’d just like to have control over our own prints!

We all like to make the most of our print canvasses, by printing out small test strips before that final large print. But inevitably, you will sometimes prnt an image and find you need to make another change before calling it perfect.

If you find that your final print needs just one more reprint, or essential change, you can get your second print at 40% off.

We take our role as a community-based photo lab seriously, and to us, this is one of our most important services. We remain the only lab in the bay area that offers DIY digital “C” printing and workspace. Our color-managed digital darkrooms are always free while you’re printing (as is the espresso and tea!), and it’s our sincere hope that this encourages the creation of new work, beautiful photography, and gorgeous prints.

Make them great!