Over the weekend of October 19-21, our gallery hosted five local photographers, and hundreds of local art enthusiasts for ArtSpan’s Fall Open Studios. This was our inaugural show in the new space, and was met with the support and enthusiasm of our community. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us!

In case you missed it, here are a few words on our participating artists.

 Images © Audrey Heller Images © Audrey Heller  Photograph by Kimberly Sikora Photograph by Kimberly Sikora


Audrey’s website

Audrey Heller’s photography is distinctly theatrical, full of filmic snapshots of miniaturized worlds. Her images are vibrant and often quite funny, in their portrayal of the trials her characters face in a world so different from themselves. Her recent book, “Overlooked Undertakings,” is a compilation of this work.

 Images © Daniel Grisales Images © Daniel Grisales  Photograph by Daniel Grisales Photograph by Daniel Grisales


Daniel’s website

Daniel Grisales has traveled the United States exploring urban structures and the natural landscapes of Idaho and Washington state. His work is driven by his views on population overflow, as it depicts a dimensional section of isolation, and his vision of that Utopian stillness. Daniel’s cross-processing, and bright, unnaturally colored world reflect this wishful, dreamlike escape.

 Photograph by Kimberly Sikora Photograph by Kimberly Sikora


Gabriel Aguilar’s series “Gabograms” was conceived after exploring the creation of images without negatives. His title is an indirect homage to ManRay’s body of work “Rayograms”. Within each image, Gabriel uses negative space, shadows and highlights to create a framework for viewing– allowing an almost scientific exploration of each subject. His natural specimens, each found during morning hikes, are both unabashedly contemplative, and open for narrative interpretation.

 Images © Kimberly Sikora Images © Kimberly Sikora  Photograph by Gabriel Aguilar Photograph by Gabriel Aguilar


Kimberly’s website

Kimberly Sikora’s photography explores her feelings of familiarity and seclusion, as the two intersect within everyday life. Her photos span months and years, and many homes in different cities. Together, they form a portrait of her continuing separation from the very environments she endears. Her images arise as a consequence of her sadness, as they also make new room for perception, sharing the “small pains” of her experience, and an enduring nostalgia for the present.

 Images © Seth Dickerman Images © Seth Dickerman  Photograph by Kimberly Sikora Photograph by Kimberly Sikora


Seth’s website

Seth Dickerman’s work explores states of change: change between stillness and motion, and night and day. His photographs illustrate the metamorphic nature of earth, fire, water and air.

Here are a few shots from the weekend from Daniel.