We love collaborating with creativity here at Dickerman Prints. That’s why we’re so excited to tell you about a new photo competition that we’re teaming up with: 200 Yards.

200 yards is a photography experiment conceived of and presented by Lightbox SF. First they find a venue, maybe a wine bar, office lobby, or traditional gallery. Then they put out a call to photographers to explore a 200 yard radius from the venue’s location and take pictures of whatever catches their eye. Each photographer then selects their best photos, up to 10, and submits them for possible inclusion in a photo exhibit held at the originally selected center point.

The idea behind the project is to expose local photographers, the little details that make each block of San Francisco unique, as well as the merchants that give each neighborhood its character.

Currently, Free Gold Watch has been selected for the 3rd venue (1767 Waller St. @ Stanyan). The submission deadline is February 14, 2011 and the opening reception is March 12, 2011.

So grab your camera, head over to Upper Haight and get snapping.

About Lightbox SF:
Our mission is to teach all artists that they can have viable careers based solely on their art. We know you have it in you, you just need the right guidance and support. That’s where we come in, Shelly and Genevieve, the founders of Lightbox SF. We can be your educators, accountability, cheerleaders, or inspiration.

If you’ve got an idea just burning to come alive, but are feeling overwhelmed with what you think you need to do or aren’t sure you can even make the time, we’ll help you draw the map to your dream and set realistic goals. If you’re struggling to make the leap from hobby to business, but aren’t sure where to start, we can guide you through the steps to building revenue. If you’ve spent a few years building a brand and want to take the business to the next level, we can teach the skills to be a successful, creative business owner.