Photographic Printing WORKSHOP
a 2-day event in San Francisco

Photography printing workshops in San Francisco

Fine Printing Workshop: Making Your Prints Look Their Best

In these special 2-day workshops led by master printer Seth Dickerman, you will learn cutting-edge professional techniques for editing and printing your images. Together, we will evaluate your prints, discuss how they may be improved, and employ craft and tenacity to create expressive, beautifully finished prints of your work.


Making fine art prints is a process of looking at a print fully, and imagining what can be done to make that print succeed on as many levels as possible. The print should articulate the photographers vision and concept. The print should draw and hold the viewer's attention. And yes, there's a lot to be said for making that print beautiful! That critical looking and imagining, combined with craft and tenacity, are keys to making prints that can hold the viewer's attention, and communicate on a deeper level.  ~Seth Dickerman

Fine art photo workshops in SF

Workshop Dates:

Join us for our final workshop of the summer. Both dates are part of the same workshop and are 2 weeks apart to give you time to work on your images in between sessions.

  • September 9 + 23

* A basic level of familiarity with Photoshop is a prerequisite.  If you are not yet comfortable in Photoshop you may schedule a one or two hour private introductory lesson in advance of the workshop.

What's Included:

  • Two full days of instruction with master printer Seth Dickerman.
  • Small class sizes of 2-5 students.
  • A color calibrated Mac workstation with Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • 10 feet of 30” wide Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper - exposed in our Polielletronicca Laserlab - used however you like.
  • Access to the printer and your workstation in between workshop sessions.
  • Organic espresso and tea.

Workshop Price: $750

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Workshop Overview


Day 1:  Sunday 10AM - 5PM   

Introductory talk about what makes a finished print, and how to get there.  Photoshop techniques with layers, curves, masks and brushes will be clarified and demonstrated.  Followed by individual supervised editing and printing. Group print evaluation and critiques, review at end of day.  

Students will be encouraged to continue with their image editing and printing at their own pace during the interval between sessions.   Workstations at the lab will continue to be available for use.


Day 2:  Sunday 10AM - 5PM   

Group review and critique of work made in interim. Supervised printing and reprinting (because to make really great prints, sometimes you have to throw a lot of them away!), final critique and review.


Seth Dickerman built his first darkroom at the age of 12, and has been printing and teaching professionally since 1978.  He has printed countless exhibitions, working with many of the country’s most respected photographers and institutions.

Seth began working digitally in 2007, becoming fascinated with the relationship of analog and digital, and with the kinds of prints that the new technology makes possible.   His extensive darkroom printing experience informs his work with digital methods as well. He loves helping people get the most from their images, to make their work look its very best.


To reserve your spot, call 415 252-1300, e-mail us, or: