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Learn the art of photographic printing


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Through collaboration and instruction, we will work to give your images greater depth and range.

Join Master Printer Seth Dickerman and learn the art of digital photographic printing.

Together, we will evaluate your prints, discuss how they may be improved, and employ creativity, craft, and tenacity to make prints worthy of a gallery wall.

The techniques you learn will help you make beautiful, engaging prints that articulate exactly what you want your photograph to say.

“I have to say that the workshop exceeded my wildest expectations. I am now looking at my work completely different than I did before the workshop.

The output of my prints was jaw dropping and I am still staring at them with a big smile. I am very thankful for the knowledge I gained working with Seth, but the real take away for me is having a personal relationship with such a talented artist to support my printing output.”

~ Levi Barker

Photoshop and Photo Printing
Private Tutorials and Workshops

2-Hour Private Tutorial

Work 1-1 with a master printer and learn the art of darkroom printing in the digital age. Your lesson will be shaped to meet your exact needs.


Weekend Workshops

Two full days of instruction and no more than five participants. Each class is a few weeks apart – so you can practice between sessions.


Photograph by Dennis Anderson

Weekend Workshops

Together, we will evaluate your prints, discuss how they may be improved, and employ creativity, craft, and tenacity to make prints worthy of a gallery wall.

Seth Dickerman uses decades of traditional darkroom experience to create modern digital prints of unparalleled quality.

In these 2-day workshops, Seth will share his knowledge and technique and help you apply it to your images.


DAY 1:  SUNDAY 10AM – 5PM   

Introductory talk about what makes a finished print, and how to get there. Photoshop techniques with layers, curves, masks and brushes will be clarified and demonstrated.  Followed by individual supervised editing and printing. Group print evaluation and critiques, review at end of day.

Students will be encouraged to continue with their image editing and printing at their own pace during the interval between sessions.   Workstations at the lab will continue to be available for use.

DAY 2:  SUNDAY 10AM – 5PM   

Group review and critique of work made in interim. Supervised printing and reprinting (because to make really great prints, sometimes you have to throw a lot of them away!), final critique and review.


  • Two full days of instruction with master printer Seth Dickerman.

  • Small class sizes of 2-5 students.

  • A color calibrated Mac workstation with Photoshop and Lightroom.

  • Organic espresso and tea.

A basic level of familiarity with Photoshop will be helpful. If you are not yet comfortable in Photoshop you may schedule a one or two hour private introductory lesson in advance of the workshop.

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February 2 + 23

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March 8 + 22

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April 19 + May 3

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2-Hour Private Tutorials

The tutorial will be tailored to meet your needs and can accommodate photographers with advanced Photoshop skills, or those just beginning their digital practice.

Regardless of experience, this tutorial will give you the tools to make your prints better than you thought possible!


Additional tutorial time may be booked at $150 per hour.


  • Two hours of instruction with master printer Seth Dickerman.

  • A color calibrated Mac workstation with Photoshop and Lightroom.

  • Organic espresso and tea.

Photograph by Baron Wolman

The art of photographic printing

Making fine art prints is a process of looking at a print fully, and imagining what can be done to make that print succeed on as many levels as possible.

And yes, there’s a lot to be said for making that print beautiful!

That critical looking and imagining, combined with craft and tenacity, are keys to making prints that can hold the viewer’s attention, and communicate on a deeper level.

~Seth Dickerman

“The two-day workshop with Seth Dickerman was one of the best professional development learning experiences I ever had.

It was incredibly rewarding to work closely with a master printer on Photoshop post editing techniques and to hear his critique of the images we printed.

Seth is a patience and encouraging teacher who is committed to helping you get the best photographic prints possible. By taking this workshop, my skills and my confidence have reached new levels. I highly suggest that any serious photographer take advantage of the opportunity to work with Seth.”

~ Jon Wollenhaupt

About the instructor

Seth Dickerman built his first darkroom at the age of 12, and has been printing and teaching professionally since 1978.  He has printed countless exhibitions, working with many of the country’s most respected photographers and institutions.

Seth began working digitally in 2007, becoming fascinated with the relationship of analog and digital, and with the kinds of prints that the new technology makes possible. His extensive darkroom printing experience informs his work with digital methods as well.

A patient and generous teacher, Seth enjoys helping others learn to make their work look the way they want it to.

“The finished print should articulate the photographer’s concept and vision. I want it to be able to hold and reward the viewer’s attention, for as long as possible.”

~ Seth Dickerman, Master Printer

Photograph by Kelly Johnson

Learn time-tested photo editing techniques.

Every session is tailored to the needs of each participant, and might include hands-on tutorials covering:

  • image manipulation, retouching and editing
  • tonality, density and contrast
  • uses of curves, levels, layers, masks, brushes
  • image sharpening
  • image rescue techniques
  • darkroom techniques, as they translate into digital photography best practices
  • file sizing
  • formatting decisions
  • cropping
  • editing
  • sequencing
  • portfolio preparation
  • exhibition preparation
  • paper choices
  • print finishing options

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Our friendly staff loves to share their expertise and experience. Come in, load up your photos on a Mac workstation, sip on an organic espresso or tea, and let us help you create the perfect print.

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