Q: What's your max print size?

A: Our maximum size for C-Prints is 30x49”.  We make Archival Pigment Prints up to 64” wide, by virtually any length.

Q: What's the difference between D.I.Y. C-Printing and Custom C-Printing?

A: In both of our D.I.Y. Printing services, you do indeed “do it yourself.”  We will not manipulate your file in any way except to send it to our printer.  So your image is printed “as is”.

In Custom printing we do the work.  We use our experience, judgment and craft to patiently work with your images until your prints look their best.  We are responsive to any direction which you may wish to provide, and are always happy to discuss your goals for an image with you.

What's the difference between D.I.Y. C-Prints and Next Day C-Prints?

In D.I.Y. C-Printing (formerly known here as Print on Demand) you choose one of our 6 “canvas” sizes, and format and arrange your images as you wish.  At least a basic level of Photoshop Experience will be helpful.

In Next Day C-Printing you simply choose the size and format that you want for each image.  You don’t need to resize or format your files in any way.  Details can be found at the D.I.Y. C-Prints.

Q: Do you offer D.I.Y. Archival Pigment Printing?

A: We do not offer this service at this time.

Q: Do I have to pay to use your in-house Mac Workstations?

A: Customers are free to use our workstations any time during our open hours.  We will provide as much or as little assistance as you need to get you started. 

Free organic espresso or tea is cheerfully provided as well!

Q: What if I find that I need some more advanced photoshop work done than I’m comfortable with?

A: We’re always available for help or to answer any questions while you’re using our workstations.  You may also choose to have your work made on a Custom Print basis instead.

Q: Do you offer workshops or other lessons?

A: Yes, we do offer occasional printing workshops. 

We also offer one-on-one printing/photoshop tutorials with master printer Seth Dickerman.

Q: Are your prints archival?

Yes.  Our c-prints are made on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper, the museum standard worldwide.  Our Archival Pigment Prints are made on various papers, all promising life of 100 years or more.

Q: Do you offer print mounting and framing?

A: Yes, we offer a complete line of print mounting services, many of which provide a complete solution for showing your work with or without frames.  We also offer a wide variety of sleek frames. Please call us or stop by to discuss your needs.

Q: Do you print on canvas or metal?

We print on canvas and on metallic papers.  We do not print directly on metal, though we do mount on it.

Q: What file format and profile should my images be saved in?

Flattened .tiff files are the preferred format for all D.I.Y. printing, although Photoshop or jpeg files are also acceptable.  The image profile should be Adobe RGB 1998.  We will convert your files as needed for Custom Printing.

What resolution should my files be?

For D.I.Y. C-Printing your files should be at their desired size at 254dpi.  For custom printing please give us the file at it’s largest size.  If your file is too small, please leave the resizing to us.

Q: How can I send you my files?