Fine Art Printing Workshops at the Lab


Seth Dickerman (left)

Seth Dickerman (left)

Do you have favorite images that deserve to be printed and displayed? Perhaps you have images that you know will make great prints, but you aren’t sure how to get them to look their best.

Dickerman Prints is now offering fine art printing tutorials and workshops. Through collaboration and instruction, we will work to give your images greater depth and range. Learn how to make beautiful, engaging prints that articulate what you would like your photograph to say.

2 Hour Personal Photoshop Printing Tutorial, $375 
Uses of 10 feet of 30” wide Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper is included. (A $300 value.)

This private session includes two hours of one-on-one instruction with Master Printer Seth Dickerman and 25 square feet of 30″ wide Fuji Crystal Archive paper, exposed and processed in our state-of-the-art Polielletronicca printer.* The tutorial will be tailored to the needs of each participant, and can accommodate photographers with advanced Photoshop skills, or those just beginning their digital practice. Regardless of experience, this tutorial will give you the tools to make your prints better than you thought possible!

Areas of assistance can include:
- image manipulation, retouching and editing
- tonality, density and contrast
- uses of curves, levels, layers, masks, brushes
- image sharpening
- image rescue techniques
- darkroom techniques as they translate into digital photography best practices
- file sizing
- formatting decisions
- cropping
- editing
- sequencing
- portfolio preparation
- exhibition preparation
- paper choices
- print finishing options

Seth Dickerman has been a professional printer since 1978, working with many of the country’s most respected photographers. A highly experienced teacher, Seth has trained many other professional printers. He has taught at both the UC Berkeley ASUC Art Center and at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and has led numerous other fine printing workshops. His extensive darkroom experience uniquely informs his work with digital materials. Seth has exhibited his personal work widely and is represented by Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles. His work is in many public and private collections.

*10 linear feet of 30” wide paper will yield up to 45 8×10” prints, or a lesser number of larger sized prints. Any remaining unexposed paper will be available you for you to print on at a later time, at your convenience. Additional personal tutorial time is $150 per hour, and includes 4 feet of 30” wide paper. Arrangements can also be made for those working with negatives and transparencies.

Image © Baron Wolman

Image © Baron Wolman

Fine Printing Group Workshop: Making your prints look their best, $750 
Three sessions, for 3-6 students. Use of 15 feet of 30” wide Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper is included. ($450 value)

Led by Seth Dickerman, this workshop will cover a variety of fine art printing techniques. We will look at our prints critically, discuss how they may be improved, and then print them to our satisfaction. The workshop is designed to give participants a solid foundation of digital editing skills. We will focus on professional digital darkroom techniques, covering topics like tonality, contrast, density, and image manipulation.

Session 1 (October 4th: 7:30 – 9:30 PM): Introductory Lecture, Group Critique, Demonstration

Session 2 (October 5th: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM): Group Printing Day
Participants will be encouraged to continue with their printing on their own over the following 2 weeks in preparation for Session 3.

Session 3 (October 25th: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM): Group Critique and Printing/reprinting