In the mid 1990′s, Seth Dickerman moved to San Francisco and opened Dickerman Prints, an all-optical custom photo lab. At that time, Dickerman Prints made fiber-based black and white prints to 40″x50”, and type C-prints to 30″x45”.

Seth’s enduring love of working with light and photosensitive papers kept him printing in the traditional darkroom until he began experimenting with the digital printing system at Robyn Color, an established San Francisco lab. When Robyn Color closed at the end of 2007, Seth purchased their digital printing equipment and moved Dickerman Prints to our first space in San Francisco’s Mission District.

In August of 2012, we relocated to our current home, a beautiful, light-filled lab space in the South of Market district.

While our methods may have changed, the goal remains the same. To work with the photographer’s images, to produce prints which best articulate what the photographer wants to say, employing the craft, skill, and perseverance to make the imagined manifest in the finished print.




Seth Dickerman
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Garnell Boyd
Laura Miller
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At Dickerman Prints, we love working with our customers. We feel our services are bettered with an understanding of your work and our small staff treats every customer with the utmost respect. We appreciate your business, and we can assure all our valued customers that your order will receive the attention it deserves.

Submission to Dickerman Prints of any photographs, negative, prints, artwork or any other items constitutes an AGREEMENT with you, the CLIENT, that Dickerman Prints will not be responsible for damage to the material submitted, or for loss of same by Dickerman Prints or its agents due to any reason, including but not limited to negligence or other fault, fire, flood, storm, theft or mechanical failure, or for the cost of replacement and recovery of any incidental or consequential damage. In the case of exposed film, liability is limited to the cost of unexposed film of like type and size. CLIENT further agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Dickerman Prints, its officers, employees or agents, from any legal action concerning copyright infringement, inclusive of all social media and internet inclusion or sharing of CLIENT work. This limitation of liability is a part of every order accepted by Dickerman Prints and the client agrees to such limitation. No other warranty is offered, expressed or implied. Negatives are stored at CLIENT’s risk.

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