ASMP Printing Workshop

Join us for a comprehensive workshop in collaboration with ASMP Norcal on Fine Art Photography Printing:


THE IMAGE FLOW, 401 Miller St., Mill Valley, CA, 415-388-3569
Visit for more information on tickets and presenters.

Session 1
Fine Art Prints

This section of the workshop will go over fine art printing, as it relates to the new and traditional materials and methods: silver, inkjet, digital press, and alternative process prints
What are some important qualities of a finished print? What can a professional printer can do for you?


This section will cover how to choose between different inkjet papers and how they behave differently. What is archivability? There will be a discussion of different inks, acid, environmental exposure factors and paper profiles

Session 2 & 3
Overview of Digital Workflow and Capture

This section will include an overview of topics in your printing workflow: input, processing, output, color calibrated workflows, color profiles and consistency.

The Digital Darkroom

How do you create the perfect Master File? Here, we will go over the basics of Digital Asset management, global versus local adjustments, plugins, and sharpening.

“Home, #892218″ photograph by Seth Dickerman

“Home, #892218″ photograph by Seth Dickerman